Monday, August 5, 2019

My spirit animal is a dove.

I just learned something about myself. I learned that my spirit animal is a dove.

I don’t like change, and yet, in the last few months I have had a lot of change in my life. All good change. But still change. 

I decided to move. Same city, just a new place. And I bought a new car. I even won a cruise (sets sail January 2020). These are all great changes, but still stressful. 

One thing I did to alleviate some of the stress was to put a bird feeder out in my new front yard. I love watching birds. Except for pigeons. And only from a distance. I don’t want to get pooped on. Again. (I got pigeon-pooped on campus a few years ago. So began my hatred of pigeons. But I digress.) was 

Anyway, I put out the feeder and after a few days the birds had found it. I bought a “Birds of Texas Field Guide” so that I could identify my guests. There are lark sparrows, and a couple of black-throated sparrows, a robin, two blue jays, at least one house finch, and a bunch of doves...which brings me back to my spirit animal.

Today I refilled the feeder when I got home from work, had my dinner, and sat in the recliner, which I have angled for maximum bird-watching effect. I had probably TWO DOZEN birds pecking away, chirping and squawking, and just generally living their best lives. And then...then a fire truck wailed through the neighborhood scaring away all the birds...all except for one. One lone dove stayed put, munching happily before looking up and realizing it was all by itself. It looked left, looked right, and then I SWEAR it did the birdie equivalent of a shoulder shrug as if it had said “where is everybody? Guys? Where’d ya go? Huh. Weird. Oh look! Birdseed!”

And in that moment I knew my spirit animal is a dove.

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