Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Summer Of Trying New Things...UPDATED

I need to shake things up. Be more spontaneous. Be adventurous. Be BOLD. And so I have declared Summer 2016 to be "The Summer Of Trying New Things" or TSOTNT for short.

You see, trying new things stresses me out. I'm that girl who always orders the same sandwich when I eat at Subway (turkey, ham, cheese, mayo). I've worn my hair in more or less the same style for the last fifteen years. I still listen to the "hits of the 80s" channel in 2016! But it's time to leave that comfort zone.

TSOTNT officially started about three weeks ago...with, uh, mixed results. 

New thing #1: flirted shamelessly with a guy 20 years younger than me. FUN. So fun. Good for the ego...until he stopped flirting back.

New thing #2: Got my old man-looking eyebrows waxed. Made the gal promise me that she wouldn't leave me looking like I'm constantly surprised. 

eyebrows totally on geek

New thing #3: Survived the eyebrow wax, so decided to go all in for the leg wax. I managed to not drop an F-bomb in the salon. Hurt like a mother...but worth it. I think. 

New thing #4: Decided to try at-home chemical treatment on my "skin abnormalities" like the mole in the picture above and the one on the tip of my nose. Sigh. I read and Googled and researched. NO WHERE did it warn me it would make my skin look like this:

Those aren't pale concealer spots on my nose and cheek. They're my new sexy spots.

UPDATE: a few hours later, my nose looks like I used sandpaper on it. Sexy.

does this make my nose look fat?

I don't know what I'll try next. Roast beef at Subway? Listening to music made after 2004? Flirting with a man my own age? (I'm not sure I know any single men my age. If you are or if you know a single man who is 40-45ish, please let me know!) Any other suggestions?