Monday, May 23, 2016

Random Thoughts Movie Review: The Nice Guys

This week's "sermon" at Movie Church was The Nice Guys. Normally, there are four or five folks that show up for our Sunday morning movie. This time, there were just two of us, and I really feel bad for the suckers that missed this movie.

The Nice Guys clocked in at 131 minutes. Normally, I'm not a fan of non-superhero movies that run over the two-hour mark, but this one didn't FEEL long, so I'll let it slide. I didn't really think Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling would work well together, but they do. I'm not a fan of most Ryan Gosling movies, even though I concede that he is an unnaturally attractive man. I was really worried he'd bring down the quality a Russell Crowe movie usually brings, but he held his own. Ryan, well done. I apologize for doubting you. Thanks to you (and Russell, of course), I give The Nice Guys a solid A.

And now, my random thoughts while watching The Nice Guys:

  • Is that the nerdy kid from Jurassic World.
  • Ryan Gosling actually looks GOOD in 1970's clothes.
  • Russell Crowe with reading glasses? God, we're getting old.
  • It's weird watching a time before cell phones. I bet directors love it having to come up with excuses why the character's phones don't work.
  • Russell Crowe is definitely not Maximus the gladiator anymore. 
  • This movie makes 1977 seem SO LONG AGO, but I was alive in 1977, so...
  • Geez, I'm old.
  • Ryan Gosling is really good at physical comedy. 
  • This was ultimately a whodunit, and I'm not sure I understand whodunit. But I don't even care. 

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