Thursday, May 28, 2015

Al Roker will thank me for this one day.

When the weather is bad like it is today, I always take a moment at night to consider what I'm going to wear to bed.

Am I really confident that we're not going to have a tornado? Then I'll wear my regular pajamas.

Am I 50/50 on the possibility of a tornado? Then I'll wear the pj's that look more like sweat pants.

Do I think it will be bad enough I'll see Bill Paxton (from the movie Twister, you young uns should look it up) the next morning? I'm going to bed fully-clothed. There would be nothing worse than to be interviewed by local news the next day if I'm bra-less, barefoot and in my Betty Boop pajamas.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Maybe I should get an "I LOVE THE ROCK" bumper sticker.

On the drive home, I watched a young woman who was talking on her phone cross three lanes of traffic (cutting off someone in each lane) before slamming on her brakes in front of me to make a last minute right turn. In the middle of the chaos, I saw the bumper sticker on her car: I LOVE JESUS. I'm sure glad she loves Jesus, because with her driving she's going to get to meet him sooner rather than later.