Monday, March 30, 2015

Random Thoughts TV Review: The Walking Dead Season 5 Finale - SPOILERS!!

I usually only do my random thoughts reviews on movies, but last night's season finale of The Walking Dead is still buzzing around in my head today. 


Glenn may have forgiven Nicholas, but Maggie is a whole 'nother story. Maggie might break his other leg. And I’m okay with that.

The priest has a survival instinct that makes him dangerously stupid, and that pisses me off.

Pete may have been a wife-beating jerk, but he was still Jessie's husband and the father of her kids. The fact that Rick shot him (right in front of her) should make for an interesting start to their relationship, which we have to assume will happen. I imagine her kids will not respond well to Rick or Carl.

Anyone think Michonne may feel some guilt because her katana was what Pete used to kill Reg? If she had been carrying it... (Here is where my friends argue it wasn’t her katana. I’m going to watch again. If I’m wrong, I’ll come back and say so.)

I love that the homemaker part of Carol is still in her enough for her to want the casserole dish back.

Whatever happened with the micro-inverters they went for in the last episode? It didn't look like they brought them back with Noah and Aiden being dead and all...but they still probably need them.

Those W guys would have loved the Governor. And just how many car batteries did they have to have to set up their undead rave?

Awww. Abraham and Eugene are besties again.

Daryl has kinda been a recruiter all along. He and Glenn brought Bob (now-dead black man) to the prison with. Daryl brought Noah (now-dead black man) to the church. If the trend holds, Morgan really needs to watch his back. He’s pretty much a badass now though, so that definitely helps the odds. (The fight scene where he used his stick [not a euphemism] to totally beat the snot out of the Wolves made me think of Game of Thrones when Oberyn Martell and the Mountain had their fight, except Morgan didn’t get his head squished like a melon.)

Glenn has been shot and Rick just killed the surgeon/doctor. Think we'll lose Glenn at the beginning of next season?

Norman Reedus’ warning to bring the Kleenex was a total ruse. I didn’t cry a bit.

While it’s great that none of the major characters died, I feel like we didn’t really advance the storyline that much given that it was a 90-minute episode. But, I guess, it wasn’t REALLY 90 minutes. As previously mentioned, I’ve decided to watch again today and bought it on Amazon. The Amazon description says that it’s 65 minutes. 65 MINUTES?!? Nearly a THIRD of the time from beginning to end was spent on commercials. Wow.

The promo for the spinoff “Fear the Walking Dead” was super duper short. I feel cheated. I hope it turns out to be a good show though. And I hope it runs while the main show is on summer hiatus. That would give me year-round apocalypse. And if it’s really good, I hope it gets its own talk show…

…which leads to my final thought. Even though I’m complaining about the abundance of commercials in the finale, I hope that a 90-minute finale is a trend that AMC continues every season. I would also like a 90-minute Talking Dead finale to go with it. More minutes, even a few, means more to talk about. And Yvette Nicole Brown needs to be a guest every week. She and her pages of notes are the best.

What did you think about the finale? Good? Bad? Meh? Let’s discuss!

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