Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I volunteered for the company health and fitness challenge. Yeah, I'm surprised about it, too.

The company health and fitness challenge officially kicked off today. We got goodies (the healthy kind), watched a motivational video that was actually pretty cool, and heard from a dietician (spell check is telling me dietician is not a word. It would be super helpful if it would show me what IS a word for "person who plans healthy meals and makes you instantly regret those Double Stuft Oreos").

Anyway, she (the lady who is apparently NOT a dietician) had great words of wisdom: "You lose weight in the kitchen; you tone in the gym," which is a pretty smart and tactful of way of saying "eat more salads, brainiac" (spell check is telling me that brainiac is also not a word. I vehemently disagree). the last three days, I have had 3 lunches and 3 suppers. Five/5/cinco of those meals involved salad. Have I mentioned that I hate salad?

I guess what I'm trying to say is that all you students reading this who are the science-y types really need to find a way to make bacon and/or pepperoni and/or Mexican food and/or Double Stuft Oreos that are as healthy as salad. Or salad that tastes like bacon and/or pepperoni and/or Mexican food and/or Double Stuft Oreos.

To all my friends and co-workers who are also doing the health and fitness challenge, good luck! I hope you meet all your weekly goals. And I hope that my team wins all the prizes.


  1. Anyone who openly talks about the words that spell check doesn't like is too cool for most readers :) (I like to think of myself as Shakespearean in my way to create words as I write but more often than not, it is just the poor way us New Englanders {spell check says nope on that one} speak) .. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I find that the words that spell check doesn't consider words are typically the best words to express my thoughts. And I'm from Texas, so I finally just had to add "y'all" into my phone's dictionary so that auto correct (another technological pain in my neck) would quit changing it to "tall."