Monday, August 4, 2014

These "new" hairstyles are going to the dogs...aka...RIP 80s bangs and stuff

Lately, I've noticed a few of the girls on campus sporting a "new" hairstyle. It's that "new" thing where they use hot rollers or a curling iron to make their hair all curly, then they tease it up to look fashionably messy. It looks almost like how I wore my hair in 1989, except without bangs. (RIP 80's bangs) It's the "without bangs" part that makes it "new." Or that's part of what makes it "new."

Bouncy curls , scary-but-awesome bangs, straight teeth and HUGE earrings, all captured by Carousel Foto. (RIP, Carousel Foto.)

The other "new" part of this "new" hairstyle is the part itself. (Does that make sense?) These girls are parting their hot-rolled, fabulously bouncy hair waaayyy far over to the side. And since they're so concerned about the planet these days, they don't use hairspray to hold it there. (RIP AquaNet Aerosol) These young women have to just tilt their heads to the side all day in order for gravity to help them maintain their parts.

This makes them look like they are perpetually confused. Sorta like our dog would do when he heard a new noise outside. (RIP S. Dog Johnson)

So when I see this...

I think this, but without all the puppy cuteness....

So straighten up those necks, girls...and have some pride in your posture or someone will probably throw you a Milkbone.


  1. I recall those hairstyles from high school.
    You gonna start carrying milkbones? Could be fun.

    1. That WOULD be fun! Even more so,if they actually understood WHY I was throwing milkbones at them.

    2. Yes, more fun if they get it. But the looks of confusion would also be priceless.

  2. Yes..that 80s hair...where all my spare money went to buy Aqua Net