Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I can't be expected to blog during the World Cup

This isn't really a blog post. This is a brief explanation of what has kept me so busy that I haven't written a post in weeks. I really only need a few words because there are so many pictures and videos to explain.


So far there have been lots of these moments.

USA is still in (as of 10:38am July 1)

Spain is out (but still full of handsome players)

Sergio Ramos - yowza

Xabi Alonso - debonair

Gerard Pique - Shakira's Baby Daddy

And Suarez is still crazy. 

Nom nom. Turns out Italians taste like chicken.

The WC final is July 13.Y'all enjoy your July, I'll see ya in a couple of weeks.  

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