Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Buying wine makes me need a drink. Thank goodness I'm buying wine.

Sometimes the wine isle of the grocery store can be a little intimidating. Especially when there are other people there who talk about wine like they actually know what they are talking about. I encountered this on my last trip down the wine isle for some sangria (which is my fave, by the way). I was listening in on them hoping to learn something while trying to look like I actually DO know something about wine. (I don't know anything about wine other than that I know I like it; ) Anyway, I wasn't paying attention and picked up a bottle of cabernet sauvigon instead of sangria. I didn't notice this until I was unloading groceries at home. 

FYI, if you add Sweet N Low to cab/sav, it tastes JUST LIKE sangria. 

Oh yes, I did.

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