Thursday, April 10, 2014

Jueves del pasado...aka...Throwback Thursday, La Vida Loca Edition

Once again,  it's time for me to embarrass myself with a Throwback Thursday picture. This week, we jump into the Wayback Machine to visit Halloween of 2002.

Does my butt make this hat look big?

I worked at a place that encouraged costumes at work; they even gave a prize for the best one. My two closest friends and I decided to do a group theme and dressed as the Three Amigos from the movie "!Three Amigos!" (I wish I knew how to do the upside down exclamation point thingy.)

We decided to skip the horses.

We started about 2 months in advance working on the costumes. We decorated our own jackets and pants and made our own cummerbunds. I made a trip out of town to a resale shop and found the ruffled dickies. (After all those years in the high school band, wearing a uniform that included an ugly ruffled dicky, I would have never believed I was actually out looking for one to buy.) The crown jewel of my costume was the super duper sombrero that Mom found at a garage sale. It was awesomely beautiful. And really heavy. And technically too small for my big melon. It sorta just rested on top of my head all day and I made sure not to make any quick moves so that it wouldn't fall off and hurt somebody (it REALLY was heavy).

When we stood together in our finished costumes, we looked awesome. (Sadly, I can't find any pics of the three of us, just the one of me.) We just knew we were going to win the costume contest. But we didn't. It was a conspiracy. The ballots didn't list us as a group. They listed us each individually, so the votes were split. The winning costume ended up going to someone in a green sheet dressed as the Statue of Liberty. She had rolled up a newspaper and spray painted it green to make the torch, but you could still see the newsprint through the paint, so all day long it just looked like she had a paper ready to swat flies. (I might still be a little bitter.)


  1. I would have shot that bitch in the Statue of Liberty costume. With real bullets.

    1. Yeah, well...I actually like the gal in the costume. I would rather have taken on the person who created the ballots.