Monday, March 24, 2014

Throwback Thursday - Procrastination Edition

Yes, I know today is Monday, not Thursday. I just kept putting off posting my Throwback Thursday picture until today. You'll survive. 

So, today's TBT pic is me with Marie Osmond from the summer of 1987.

Glamorous Marie and a very blonde Shelley.

Let's start off the story of this picture by pointing out that my teeth are not showing. That's because I was a few months shy of being 15, and was wearing braces. For the first time.

So anyway, in the summer of 1987, my parents threw me in the backseat of the Grand Marquis and we had a family vacation/road trip. If I remember correctly, we headed north and drove through the Oklahoma panhandle and then hung a right in Kansas. We went through Arkansas at some point, but our destination was Branson, Missouri. Yes, we took the long way to Missouri. The really excrutiatingly painfully long way to Missouri. To this day I am thankful for my Walkman, an awesome cassette tape collection and a generous battery budget.

Anyhoo, we obviously went to a Marie Osmond concert while we were in Branson and stayed after to get our pictures taken. I was totally playing it cool (and hiding my braces) by not smiling a big smile, but I was actually pretty excited to get my picture taken with her. Why? Well, only because I LOVED and ADORED Donny and Marie when I was a little girl. I not only had the Donny and Marie lunchbox, I also had the Donny and Marie Stage Show. The Stage Show was this platform kind of thing that had a moving track and a background that looked like a concert stage. You put this little plastic gadget on the ankles of your Donny and Marie dolls (which I also had, thankyouverymuch) and stuck it into the track. It would make it look like Donny and Marie were dancing around on stage. When it worked. The dolls pretty much always tipped over and fell. I'm fairly sure it's because the plastic hair on both dolls was MASSIVE and made them extremely top-heavy. (I really wish I still had the lunch box, dolls and stage show. I could probably make a killing off them on eBay.)

So, that's the story of me getting to meet Marie Osmond. It would have been even better if I could have met Donny, too. He's still cute today.

I got this pic from a story about Donny. Click to read.

Even though it has nothing to do with this TBT picture, I feel like I should add that about a week after our vacation, I went to band camp and caught the chicken pox. No one should have the chicken pox at 14 years old and a month before they start high school. Just sayin'. I missed summer band as a freshman and got picked on when I was finally able to be there. It sucked. I still have the scars: physical and emotional. (I might still be just a little bitter. I don't care that it was 27 years ago.) 

Okay, I'm going to wrap this up before I get into how Stacie S. threw mallets at my head and how all the upperclassman boys in the band were SOOO cute. Some of them might actually read this blog and they don't need to know that.

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