Thursday, March 6, 2014

People (particularly college students) are weird.

I probably don't have to tell you this, but people are weird. College students are especially weird.

This isn't going to be a rant about how they wear Sponge Bob pajamas to class or nerd out over "Humans Vs Zombies" every semester (although I could really go off on either of those topics). This is about how their finely-tuned suspicion of people over the age of 30 isn't as finely tuned as they think.

The State of Texas offers a $1000 tuition rebate to undergrads who meet the degree/hours attempted requirements AND who actually take the time to apply for it before they graduate. You'd be surprised to know that when I work at the University's graduation fair, I practically have to beg students to apply for this free money.

These are the same students who will apply for credit cards on football game day just to get a free foam spirit finger and who will drink the mystery punch at a party at a house they've never been to before. Despite that kind of trust when it comes to their credit score and physical well-being, when I encourage them to turn in an application that has no obligation, no fee and that could potentially get them $1000, they look at me like I'm trying to get them to sell their souls to the devil or (gasp!) do something as awful as commit to the Columbia House CD offer.

College kids are weird.


  1. Do college kids even know what a Columbia House CD offer is?

    1. Good point. What is the current day equivalent of the Columbia House offer? A too-good-be-true mobile plan that claims it has no contract?

      Thanks for stopping by?

    2. Hi. Found your page through the Bloggess. Was laughing about the Columbia House thing and just had to chime in.