Saturday, March 15, 2014

Beware the goats of March (updated)

Today is March 15. Any of you familiar with Shakespeare know to "beware the Ides of March." Well let me just tell you....

A few years back, my dad bought a billy goat that had been born on March 15. Naturally, Dad named him Ides. Ides grew to be a 300-or-so-pound goat that smelled, well, exactly like what you would expect a 300-pound goat to smell like. He also had a mean streak. 

Beware the Ides of March, indeed. 

I know these are calves, not goats...but I couldn't find a picture of Ides and these heifers are also from my parents' farm and are about the same size as Ides, so you get the idea. And actually, they're way cuter than Ides. And had much better temperaments.
Photo credit to my Mom and Dad.

UPDATE: Mom found a picture of Dad feeding Ides in the good ole days when Ides hadn't quite gotten to the 300 pound mark yet.


  1. So, does anger make a goat taste better or worse?

    1. The goat's anger or the cook's anger?

    2. Goat's, cook's, and diner's.

      Just to be thorough.

    3. To the goat, it will never taste better. If the cook is also the diner, and the goat was an ass (figuratively, of course), I suspect that goat would taste better than others. Typically though, the goats are eaten when before they get old and development bad attitudes; and typically the person who eats them didn't know them.

      This is way more thought than I've ever put into this.