Monday, January 13, 2014

Retroactive New Year's Resolutions

This weekend (between naps) it dawned on me that if I had made New Year's resolutions, I surely would have broken them by now.

I don't do resolutions. Why set myself up for that kind of failure? But, what if I made my resolutions now and make them effective as of January 1 so I could GUARANTEE that I won't let myself down? Damn, I think I'm onto something.


Spend more time on the couch (reading, napping, watching TV are all acceptable options)

Whenever the urge to cook comes on, go to Sonic instead

Watch lots of sports on TV (2014 is an Olympics and FIFA World Cup year)

If there's housework that needs to be done, grab a book and a glass of wine instead

Waste hours on Facebook, Twitter, Hulu Plus and Netflix

Hit the snooze button AT LEAST eight times every morning

Pray for a snow day any time the temp falls below 40 degrees

Sing poorly at the top of my voice whenever I'm in the car

That does it for 2014. I'm working on my retroactive 2013 resolutions now. It turns out 2013 was my best year ever.


  1. Love this! Great post Shelley! I've never been bothered about new years resolutions - this year is different!

    my blog is part of my resolution to 'be more committed'


    1. Good luck on that one, Mark! Every time I tell myself I'm going to blog more often, I don't. But, I have noticed that when I don't post regularly, it usually means I was busy having a life that week. Fair trade, as far as I'm concerned.

  2. We're all behind you. You can have done it!