Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I need a holiday to recover from my holiday

When I got off work on December 19 for the Christmas & New Year holiday/semester break, I didn’t have to go back to work until January 2. That’s thirteen days of rest and relaxation. So why the heck am I so exhausted? After just a couple days back at work I already need another break.

It was a great holiday, by the way. I have all kinds of stories to tell...some that I can actually post on the internet without fear of prosecution or my mom getting ticked.  

The most important story of all is that I was actually in the Christmas spirit this year. I chalk that up to doing ALL of my Christmas shopping online (no lines, parking lot road rage or screaming children) and to having a healthy dose of making a point to be happy with what I have instead of being bothered by what I don’t have. For example, instead of “It’s another Christmas that I’m not married,” I chose to think “It’s another Christmas that I don’t have to buy presents for a man whose dirty socks I have to pick up off the floor.”  

Anyway, I spent ten of my thirteen days off with my parents and their dog Sadie. I’m pretty fond of that goofy little dog. One of these days I’m going to “accidentally” bring Sadie back to Lubbock with me. I gave her a fleece blanket of her very own because she likes to sit with whoever has a  blanket on their lap. She managed to chew 6 or 7 holes in it within about 24 hours. Mom and Dad weren’t impressed with those chewing skills, but I get it; sometimes a girl just needs to take out her frustration on an inanimate object, and it was her blanket after all.


Sadie sleeping under my leg. She likes to be close to her people, even at the bottom of the pile.

Dad, Mom and I saw “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” on Christmas Day. I liked it, even though I didn’t expect to. We also saw “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” which I had already seen, but insisted on seeing again. I liked it even more than I did the first time. I need my own personal Peeta. He’s loving, faithful, cute and he bakes...and I bet he picks up his own dirty socks.

We traded Christmas gifts. I got a blanket that is truly as soft as a dead bobcat’s belly. (Long story.) I also got socks and jewelry and a Google Chromecast and all kinds of other stuff, but none of them are as soft as the blanket.

I got my mom a Samsung tablet for Christmas. She spent most of the break playing with it, so I’m pretty sure she likes it. Dad asked her if she was going to spend all of her time in the evenings playing with the tablet and not talking to him and she said “yes.” He said he guessed he’d just have to read in the evenings to keep himself busy...which is what he does most evenings anyway. And people wonder where I get my love of irony.

TWICE my Mom baked my two favorite foods: sausage balls (or as my envious cousins call them, “Aunt Cheryl’s sausage balls”) and sour cream coffee cake. She made them when I first got to their house, and then again the day before I left so I’d have leftovers to bring back home. Yes, I know how spoiled I am.

Once I made it back to Lubbock, I pretty much just slept, ate leftovers and watched college football. Heaven.

Those are the highlights. It was a great thirteen days. Especially the part where I slept whenever I wanted to and totally screwed up my sleep schedule. Going back to work on Thursday of last week was BRUTAL. It’s Wednesday now and I’m still exhausted. But there’s hope. I just counted and it’s just nine days until we get another holiday weekend. Wonder how I’ll recover from that one?


  1. I tried really hard to slowly nudge my sleep patterns into east coast time for the holidays, then back to pacific when I got back. I went to bed a little earlier every night in the first half of December, before I left, and planned to do the same thing when I returned.

    It worked until my second night back in California, when my body somehow ended up on a schedule that was 3 hours late, instead of the usual 3 hours early. I think my Circadian rhythms were mad that I tried to trick them.