Friday, September 20, 2013

These are my online friends. I'm mostly sure they're real people. (updated)

Becoming a blogger introduced me to a whole new community - the blogging community. We are a wonderfully weird and diverse bunch of people who, individually, are funny and/or intelligent and/or crafty and/or sporty and/or geeky, but as a group would make for the worlds' most awkward dinner party. EVER.

Anyway, you should check out their blogs. You might find your new online happy place with them.

According2Robyn -  a professor writing about nerdy stuff like comic books and biology and whatnot. I don't always know what she's talking about, but I feel smarter after I read it.

Robyn Straley - a different Robin. She about using her gold for making the world a better place, or something like that. She says it more eloquently than I just did, though.

Sweet Southern Love  -  my young friend Christy who I used to babysit years ago. She is tackling life with style and lots of love for Texas.

Confessions of the Professional Drama Queen - a student who I'm pretty sure lives in the UK because she uses "colour" and "favour" when she posts. Or she's just a pompous American (you need to see Drew Barrymore in  "Never Been Kissed" if you don't understand that reference).

Sports Junkie and Female - Miss D is probably the only gal I know who likes football as much as (probably more than) I do. 

And of course, the woman who inspired me to start my blog, The Bloggess, Jenny Lawson.

Go read their stuff. And keep reading mine. (Thank you, for reading, by the way.) And if you like what you read, share some link love with a friend. 

Have a great weekend!

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