Monday, September 23, 2013

My debit card was probably just afraid to go back in my purse.

If I ever go a whole week without temporarily losing my debit card, the skies will probably open up and swallow me. I spent an hour getting groceries at Sams only to realize I didn't have my card. I got home and dumped my purse. I did not find my card, but I did find:

1 change purse
1 credit/debit card holder (that was one card short)
3 hand sanitizers
3 chapsticks
3 lipsticks
2 lip glosses
1 hand lotion
3 hair clips
3 Sonic peppermints
1 USB cigarette lighter charger thingy
11 Coke lids
3 mechanical pencils
10 ball point pens
2 Sharpie pens
1 highlighter
$1.09 in loose change that should have been in the change purse
1 iPad
1 pair of headphones
1 digital camera
1 tape measure
1 cheap pair of backup sunglasses in case I lose the cheap ones that are usually on my head holding my hair back.

1 purple Mardi Gras necklace that I got at Summer Mummers in July during my wonderfully f'ed up weekend.

I didn't "earn" them. James did.

I think I have a problem.

p.s. I found the debit card where I always find the laundry with the jeans I was wearing last time I used it.

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