Wednesday, August 7, 2013

When the funny stops, I give away all my kisses.

If you didn't know any better, you might think my co-worker Olivia just called me a slut.

Working in the tuition and fee office two weeks before classes start at a major university has it's moments. Sometimes those moments are funny, like when we saw a guy running around outside wearing nothing but basketball shorts and a Michael Meyers Halloween-style hockey mask.

Or when we saw another kid wearing Sponge Bob Squarepants pajama bottoms smoking a Sherlock Holmes-style pipe.

Or when I met Sponge Bob himself at the football stadium.

He didn't really have on pants at all. Square or otherwise.

Or when I found THIS outside of one of the guys' dormitories.

This made my heart happy.

Or when I came across this fast food crime scene by one of the academic buildings:

CSI: TX, Whataburger Edition

But sometimes the times here are not funny. I don't take pictures of the not-funny moments. Because those moments usually aren't pretty. And I don't want to be the paparazzo that some student goes all Kanye on.

Anyway, when those not-so-funny moments come around, sometimes we just a need a hug. And sometimes we need a kiss. I give out kisses on the rough days. And after this week, I'm almost out.

Less than a dozen kisses left. And The Rock.

Shame on you. I know what you were thinking. And no, I don't give THOSE kisses away. Unless The Rock was involved....

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