Sunday, July 7, 2013

My Wonderfully F'ed Up Weekend

I had the most wonderfully F'ed up weekend. It was F'ed up in so many ways.

Family - I got to see my parents, aunt, uncle, cousins, second cousins (or is it first cousins once removed? Whatever) and THIRD cousins. One of the third cousins is a sweet baby girl who did not puke on me even once when I held her.

Me not being puked on by a baby

Food - We did what families do, we ate. Steak, corn, potato salad, jalapeno poppers, brownie bars, strawberry sticks (strawberries, marshmallows & blueberries on toothpicks for July 4th), and chocolate cake. And I had a little bit of everything. Screw the LOW SUGAR VEGETARIAN DIET. (At least temporarily.)

Furry Family - I got to hang out with Sadie, the bat dog. (Look at those ears.)

Sweet Sadie with her "what's going on" ear pose

Fireworks - I watched a really good small-town fireworks show with my two favorite people on the planet (Mom & Dad).

Film - We saw "The Lone Ranger". It's a great movie. I definitely recommend it. (I wish I had a picture of Johnny Depp to insert here.)

Friends - I drove on to Midland, Texas for an annual get together with a college friend and some new friends.
Front row center. Best seats in the house.

Food, part 2 - Nachos at La Bodega.

Frivolity - Annual night at Summer Mummers, a West Texas institution since the 1940's. Cheesy melodrama with inside jokes about West Texas, jumbo margaritas and popcorn you buy just to throw at people.

Approx 1/5 of the popcorn we bought to throw.

Getting the popcorn out of, um, places during intermission.

Fan-girliness - I saw my favorite author Jenny Lawson (aka The Bloggess at Summer Mummers. Could barely form complete sentences when I told her that I read her stuff and asked to get a picture with her.

I wish I'd had a taxidermied ferret in 1980's parachute pants (or something similar) with me to give her as a gift.  No, that's not weird, at all. Read her book. You'll get it.

Food, part 3 - Took the long way back to Lubbock to stop at Buddy's Drive In, Andrews, Texas (where I grew up) to have the world's most amazing steak fingers.

Finally - As in "finally home".

I hope your weekend was as wonderfully F'ed up as mine was. Cheers!

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