Sunday, July 28, 2013

Being social is making me anti-social

You may have noticed the blog posts have been few and far between lately. The summertime is when I'm busiest with my job. I spend six days a week greeting new students and their parents, telling them about how their student accounts will work and answering the same three or four questions over and over and over. By the time the summer is over, I will have spoken to over TEN THOUSAND students and parents. And I love it. 

In fact, new student orientation is my very favorite part of my job. It's fun. The people I talk to are (mostly) excited about going to college and picking classes and everything that comes with moving away from home for the first time. And besides the general excitement, I love that I get to give presentations. I stand up in front of a few hundred people and try to make them laugh through the tears of paying for college. It's a dream job for an only child. I get paid to have people pay attention to me. 

The downside of my summertime duties is that I only have so many minutes of social time in me per day. And by "social time" I mean, time to spend around other people. Not because of scheduling, but because another quirk of being an only child is that I like to spend quite a bit time alone. By the time the work day is over, I just want to go home and lock myself in. I don't have anything left to give my friends and family.

I suppose there isn't a real point to this post, other than to apologize to anyone who I haven't spent enough time with lately. And to take a moment to point out that there are only 4 weeks left until school starts. Whew.

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