Thursday, June 6, 2013

Lesson Learned, Now Pass The Wine

You know that saying about learning something new everyday? Well, I truly do learn something new everyday...usually in the most inconvenient, painful, expensive or embarrassing way possible.

Today's lesson, you wonder? Today's lesson is: When you start a book club, don't choose a book you've already read for the first meeting, because when you try to read it again, you don't really have proper motivation to stick with it. This lesson learned falls under the "embarrassing" category.  See, "Shanna" is great. But I already know how it ends, so I'm having a hard time turning off the hunks on SYFY network to get back to it. Not finishing the book I picked is embarrassing. At least to me...It ranks up there with toilet paper stuck to the bottom of my shoe or broccoli in my teeth.

That doesn't mean I'm not excited about the first meeting of The Red Light Literary Society. I can barely wait to sit and discuss the book with friends. And now I'm really looking forward to see just what the next person chooses so I can read something new and exciting. And it's been a really long week, so I'm looking forward to the wine. True story.

Who knows what I will learn tomorrow. I'm sure it will be something awful like some previous lessons learned, such as if you decide to bleach spots out of your carpet, don't let yourself get interrupted after applying the bleach and then get busy and forget to come back to the bleached areas.  Or that arguing with an idiot just makes you look like a bigger idiot. Or that cellphones and ketchup don't mix.

This is the bleach lesson. To me it looks like a bouquet of flowers.

See, it TOTALLY looks like a bouquet of flowers.

I always have my fingers crossed for the chance to learn a cool life lesson, like how to lick my own elbow (try it, it's impossible). Or that giving really feels better than receiving (a lesson I have to re-learn occasionally). Or what it feels like to win the lottery. Yeah, definitely that one.

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