Monday, May 13, 2013

Reading While Intoxicated

My friend Bev and I have decided to start a book club. I announced it on Facebook and got lots of "likes" but no actual requests to join the club. I realize now that I should have been more specific on just how awesome this book club will be. So here is my new Facebook post that will go out today to get members:

Bev and I want to start a wine drinking and book reading club. We'll pick a book each month. It will be historical fiction, or a mystery or a mildly cheesy romance, or humorous non-fiction. It WILL NOT be anything from Oprah's book club or anything sad, depressing or political. I don't want to have to up my meds. When we meet to discuss the book there will be wine. LOTS OF WINE. We may actually discuss the book. We may not. We will not judge how much or how little group members read and/or drink. Just don't spill on my books and do plan for a designated driver.

I've even created original artwork for the group using one of my favorite quotes ever.

I expect group membership to flourish with this expanded definition of the group. Now I just need to find a way to smuggle wine into Barnes and Noble. This is the best option so far:

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