Thursday, May 23, 2013

My eMail Is Mocking Me

I survived day number one  of the LOW SUGAR VEGETARIAN DIET yesterday. I reflected on it a little before I went to bed. It wasn't that bad, but I told myself "it will probably get harder before it get easier." I hate to brag (no, I love to brag),  but I was right. It got MUCH harder REALLY fast.

Oddly enough, checking my email has turned out to be the scariest part of this LOW SUGAR VEGETARIAN DIET. My email was full of "great offers"...

Image there are screen shots of emails from restaurants here.
I deleted the screen shots from my Google + pics.
That deleted the pics from the blog.
Shit. Live and learn, I guess.

I tried to get unsubscribed from these emails. But they all wanted me to go to their websites to "change my preferences" or "tell us why you're leaving." That doesn't SOUND like a big deal...until I actually got to the websites and saw even more pictures of things like Meat Lovers' Pizza and Chocolate Lava Cakes and free delivery of diabetes with minimum purchase.

And then, I got the reminder email for food day at work. Three weeks ago I signed up to bring hotdogs. I could have signed up for a fruit or veggie tray, or even salsa which is relatively healthy. But no, I signed up to bring the one thing I'm not supposed to eat.

In case you're wondering, I brought the damn dogs. I even got the good kind (if there is such a thing). I also brought a LOW SUGAR VEGETARIAN meal for myself.

Hopefully, despite office food day, my LOW SUGAR VEGETARIAN DIET day two will go as smoothly as day one. I'm going to do my best to ignore the cookies that someone brought for dessert. By the end of the day I may be craving meat so bad I'll talk about "slaughtering a cow." Or I might just be cranky and say stupid things like "I'm gonna kill that heifer." Just to clarify, while those two things sound similar, one is what a butcher does, the second is what a bitcher does. Guess which one I am.

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