Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Book Club Orphans

Apparently the best way to recruit for a book club is to blog about it. And to use the word "WINE" as many times as possible. We have recruited 6 or 7 people since my rant yesterday.

On a related-ish note, my Goodreads feed told me that my friend Lori started reading Game of Thrones (which I highly recommend despite the fact that it is about eleventy-billion pages long). I had a moment to think that she will really love it and get hooked and read all of the books back-to-back-to-back-to-you-get-the point... Then I had a moment to doubt her dog Kyra will appreciate that. So, I asked Lori to send me some pictures of Kyra looking sad or pitiful, without telling Lori what they were for. Here's what they were for:

I've always wanted to start my own meme. By "always" I really mean "since the time a student assistant explained to me what a meme is." Even if no more than 4 people ever see it, I feel like I've accomplished something.

Back to the point...Do I feel guilty that starting a book club means my friends will spend time away from their pets and children, making said pets and children book club orphans (kinda like football widows, but more pathetic)? No, because my friends need time to talk to other adults and living creatures that can actually talk back. And they need to drink wine (or technically margaritas because the first meeting is at a Mexican food restaurant).  And because I need time with my friends. Balls don't throw themselves; books don't discuss themselves. Our favorite activites are always better when we share them with others.

So thank you to Kyra and all the other book club orphans for loaning me your people for awhile.

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